7 Keluarga ditahan menggali emas di Mersing

July 14. The daily also highlighted a report about seven families who earned up to RM29,000 a week from illegally mining gold at Bukit Swiss Forest Reserve, Tenggaroh in Mersing, Johor.
gambar hiasan.
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The families were willing to live under crammed conditions in tents set up in the forest. Their activities came to light following a raid on Monday by the Forestry Department and the police, which saw 22 people including two children, aged one and two years, arrested. Of those arrested, nine were locals and 13 were from Cambodia and Thailand.
RM29,000.00 seminggu untung gali emas, sapa taknak? tetapi menggali di tempat seperti hutan simpan, dan kawasan-kawasan kerajaan atau swasta tanpa lesen mendulang yang sah adalah merupakan satu kesalahan dan anda boleh didakwa.

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