Malaysia Gold Price Today

Malaysia gold price were derived from largest commodity exchange market at New York, Hong Kong and London. The bid and spot price between world gold trader will evaluate local gold index which then distribute to the wholesaler, miner and factory before reach to retail market in Malaysia

Current Malaysia gold price Index

3 important gold price rate in Malaysia
  1. Physical Gold
    1. -Retail Price (FGJAM)
    2. -Marhun Price (Ar-Rahnu)
    3. -Spot Price (scrap)
  2. Digital Gold
    1. -Online Gold Trading READ MORE
    2. -Bitcoin Gold
    3. -Bank Gold Investment Account
    4. -Gold Unit Trust READ MORE

1. Retail Price (FGJAM Price)

Retail selling price to customer setup by Federation of Goldsmith & Jewelers Assc. Malaysia use by jewelry store, pawn shop, end-user
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2. Ar-Rahnu Price (Marhun Price)

Reference gold price derive from Kijang Emas Bank Negara use by Islamic pawn broker, lembaga zakat, online retailer and Islamic business entity
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3. Spot Price (Bulk & Scrap)

Reference buying and selling price for bulk order, jewelry industry, manufacturer, trader, scrap and second hand jewelry gold wholesaler
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4. Gold Price In Other Currency

Reference of Malaysia gold price in other currency, for foreigner or expatriot in Malaysia

**All price state on this page are not include with SST.
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